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How to Install and Use Linux Screen - Generally, sysadmins work using a Linux terminal. This terminal will really help your task if it is functioned properly, including when using the Linux screen. For those of you who want to improve their ability to operate the Linux OS, the use of this tool is highly recommended.

It might look difficult at first, but the Linux screen is easy to learn especially since it offers many possibilities. The use of an efficient resource system makes Webinar Linux Screen an unmatched tool.

How to Install and Use a Linux Screen

The screen is basically installed on all major Linux distributions. If this application is not installed on the system, then you don't need to worry. The installation process is easy. Make a connection to the server using SSH. To do this, run:

If you run Linux on your own computer, open the terminal from the main menu.

How to Install and Use Linux Screen?

Using Linux Screen on Various Linux Distributions

To launch the Linux screen, type the following command in the terminal session:

To see the terminal again, press the Space key. In this way, the new Screen session is also active. To check the Screen session, type Exit, then press the Enter key.

Command Description

You can also split the terminal screen. For example, use CTRL + an S to split the terminal horizontally. that's the discussion about How to Install and UseWebinar Linux Screen. Hopefully, this article is useful for all of you.

Complete Linux Learning Tutorial -Some of you may have heard that learning to use Linux is difficult actually, but in the past, now learning to use Linux is very easy because Linux continues to be developed to meet the needs of computer users.

You just need the will to learn to useLinux. Learning Linux now is not as difficult as it used to be. You can learn by using VPN wireguard and what else here has provided the complete guide on this website.

"It Can Be Because It Is Used" The best way to learn Linux is to start using it yourself for daily activities, the first step that must be done is to install the Linux operating system on your computer. Don't worry, I already provided a complete Linux installation guide, so later you can install Linux side by side with Windows or you can also install Linux in your favourite windows by way of virtualization.

How to Start Learning Linux?

In each guide, you will be given an "assignment" so make sure you practice right away without delay and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me through the free Linux consulting service.

Start by getting to know LINUX

Do not want to read this part? precisely this section is very important and must be read/watched if you will start learning Linux, so you really know and do not misunderstand about Linux and know the concept of Linux.

I understand if you already know a little about Linux, believe me, it's only a small part and you don't really know 100% about Linux. It would be nice for you to listen first to Know the Concepts and Fundamentals of Linux so that you really understand 100% what Linux is. That's the discussion about the Complete Linux Learning Tutorial. Hopefully, this article is useful for you all.

Data Center as a service

Data center as a service, what is it actually? A data center refers to a facility that is used to place a computer system and other things in relation to data storage and communication. In other words, it is an area provided especially to keep servers and all supporting infrastructure facilities. There are many benefits to get by using a data center service. They are including a complete package of facilities including a high-level security system to make sure the company’s data is safe.

Where is big data stored? This question is also often asked when talking about the data center. Of course, big data is stored in the computer system. The system itself consists of various devices that have been integrated into each other. A big company commonly has prepared a special area for the data center necessity. Meanwhile, some features provided by the current data center’s vendor enable small-scale companies to use this facility also more practically. Below, there are further explanations about the data center you need to know.

Types of Data Center Services

Data center services are developed and improved from time to time. The types are getting more varied as well. Besides, by remembering the importance of big data in business, many providers also put efforts into providing additional facilities and features. But no matter what they are, there are at least 3 types of data center services widely available and used currently.

First, there is the Collocation Server. A collocation server is named as one of the best solutions to store data in servers in the data center. It is included for open source big data analytics. This service is very suitable if your company or organization really needs big and guaranteed storage for data. Interestingly, this type of server is recommended also for you who just start your internet-based or startup business. This way, you can handle your work better in 24 hours without any problem.

Second, the next type of data center services is the dedicated server. This server is a good answer to a question, what is the use of big data? In general, the dedicated server is quite similar to the collocation server. In this server, the data is saved in a data center and it will not be put together with other data owned by other people.

So, the provider commonly provides many storage “items” in which each item is only for a client. The principle is just the same as the collocation server but the capacity is smaller. This server is recommended for a small business so that the owner should not be puzzled with how confusing it is to choose a server and hire an IT team.

Third, it is about the most modern and sophisticated server currently, the Cloud Hosting. The cloud hosting is considered more flexible even to store the top big data technologies. Interestingly, cloud hosting is also relatively affordable. It is suitable for all people from various realms including influencers, students, and household necessities. Even big companies also start to use it. for the flexibility and many benefits given, it is reasonable to name cloud hosting as the best data center as a service.

Supporting Services for Data Center

In many cases, the data center cannot stand up with its own feet. Or in other words, it still needs support from other services. Those services are mainly functioned to optimize the function and purposes of the data center. Besides, some other supporting services are also hired or applied to maintain and optimize it so that it can work more optimally and efficiently. What are those supporting services anyway?

The first service and the mostly used one for big data big analytics is the managed service. Managed service is actually not a new name in the world of information technology. The use of a managed service in the data center is to outsource the function and the basic process proactively. This way, the operation can be improved and the cost is reduced. The service is applied based on the work done. To use this service, the data center commonly makes a contract agreement with a managed service company by referring to the service-level agreement with various matrices of the quality.

Second, there is also the cross connectivity or service available to support connections among facilities separated in the data center. The network in the cross connectivity connects units of closed rack or the private cage in the company that provides internet connection in the same environment. The facility of Docker install Centos 7 is one of them. To make it perform well, a data center has a chain of cross connects installed and they are ready to install based on the specification. 

The third supporting service commonly used is the internet exchange service. It refers to the GTN data center that has a technical capacity that supports the internet exchange service. The facility is important for big internet traffic exchanges locally and globally among companies that provide networks, contents, and business operations with enterprise scales. To provide this service well, it is also important for them to learn how to install Centos and how to install Centos 7.

Sure, aside from that, there are still many other supporting services for the data center. Those services can be different based on the needs of the data center provider as well as the clients.

Benefits of Using the Data Center Service

A data center is undeniably a very important part of a company. It is basically a home for all data that are connected through a server. In detail, there are some benefits of using the data center service. They are being more cost efficient, safer and more secure, and having a better performance. The data center makes a company able to save more budgets. For a new company, it is very helpful for sure although they may need to learn and manage it more. For example, they need to learn how to install ssh Centos 7.

A data center also provides extra security for the company data. This way, the possibility of the data hacked is getting smaller. Furthermore, it also gives you the best performance. You should not worry about the company’s data being attacked by a virus. It also guarantees the data not to be damaged in any condition. Based on some reasons above, it is clear why you need to use a data center as a service.

Data center management software refers to a facility that provides centralized data processing. When talking about the requirement of IT infrastructure, the data center is known as the main priority. You can see the data center as a key point of a business parameter. Particularly in a big company, this facility is definitely needed. In general, a data center consists of a computer network and storage to manage, process, save, and share data in a large number.

Currently, the software of data center management is easier to find and access. Some features are added and they are named as the future of big data analytics. Not only for big companies, but this kind of software is also recommended for small and medium-scale business although the capacity must be lower as well. Below, there are some products of data-center management software from various vendors.

Nlyte DCM

Many sites mention Nlyte DCM as the best data center software product in 2020 and we absolutely agree. Some features available in the software actually have simple purposes. Interestingly, those purposes are really needed by companies to manage data as well as possible. Companies that use big data analytics from Nlyte DCM can easily reduce costs and remove risks. Besides, the software also has some other functions including optimizing IT performance, track and monitor assets, conduct audits, and more.

It gains high ratings and scores. Even the latest score of Nlyte DCM is 98 out of 100. Most of the testimonials said that using Blyte DCM makes the data more efficient and transparent. It is easy to use also with only a little practice. Furthermore, some features and tools are recently added like Device Auto Discovery, Diagnostic Testing, JCL Management, and Multi-User.


The next software product for data center management and a company’s big data in information technology is Datadog. It features a high level of hybrid-cloud applications for more modern and sophisticated analysis tools. Almost similar to Nlyte DCM, the software is recommended also to reduce costs and make the data management run more efficiently. To ease the users more, a dashboard is available with a real-time interactive feature.

Some other features have been added in Datadog including Device Auto Discovery and Multi-User. Many companies and organizations from the medium to big scale trust the software a lot to accompany them. So, it is reasonable if Datadog is recommended also for the need of big data analytics management.


Many vendors provide data management software with an assumption that the client’s business has been stable. However, Pulseway takes a different approach. The software is mainly intended to develop the company through facilities and features given in relation to data storage in big data. That’s why; many features and facilities available here tend to be easy to operate even if you don’t have many experiences related to data management.

With the tagline “the best data management software to increase business continuity”, Pulseway offers many great and sophisticated features. They include the Audit Trail, Cross Reference System, Diagnostic Testing, Multi-Platform, and Multi-User. One more thing, it is easier to integrate this data center management software with any third-party platforms.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is indeed not focused on data center management only but it is more about ERP software. But as you know, many ERP software products also come out with the data center thing. Even for its completeness in providing facilities for companies and organizations, NetSuite ERP has obtained many awards from industry for all solutions given, including in the area of technologies used in big data.

In general, the data center management tool in NetSuite has many features that are similar to other platforms mentioned above. Additionally, the software also provides other facilities including a feature to shorten the process of mission criticality. It also remains enough space to support specific needs of your business. It also has a built-in intelligence system to be integrated into some solutions in data management.

Manage Engine OpManager

Almost similar to NetSuite ERP, Manage Engine OpManager is a vendor that offers solutions for various IT issues in a company or organization. Despite being compatible for big companies, the product is also good for small and medium scale business as well as it gives insights into the importance of big data. As information, many small businesses currently still aren't aware of how big data management can change their destiny in the future.

Manage Engine OpManager enables you to manage and monitor multiple platforms at once like Windows, UNIX, Linux, HP UX, IBM AIX, and various virtual servers. Besides, some features also make data management work even better. They are Diagnostic Testing, Multi-Use, Device Auto Discovery, and more. For completeness, it is reasonable if this product is named as one of the top big data analytics companies software products.


Cloud technology is not something strange nowadays. Unfortunately, not all companies and software developers know how to enhance their function. So, CloudMonix offers you to manage the data center with Cloud technology. The main feature available in this platform is the cloud-monitoring platform that visualizes all the systems in your company and places them in a particular spot, the live dashboard.

The process of web analytics in big data is also getting easier this way. Moreover, the software product comes out with various features with multiple functions. You can name some of them. They are including the feature to import and export data. By using this product properly, even automating issue resolution can be optimized more.


Compared to other platforms mentioned above, Uila indeed gets the lowest score. However, it doesn’t mean that the product is worse. It just doesn’t have too many features the others have. But you should not worry, some important tools are available here including application performance monitoring and infrastructure performance monitoring. Well, what is big data management without those two?

Besides, there are some functions presented by Uila. It enables users to discover the applications as well as dependencies automatically with it. The discovery is conducted on infrastructure and virtualization layers. Meanwhile, you can also identify the main cause of performance issues only by performing the software. Even solutions related to Cloud problems are available in this data center management software.

When it comes to the discussion about how to manage big data, there are some things that you should put into consideration. There will be different data management tools and processes involved in big data management, especially if it is related to big data platforms such as Hadoop. Good management of big data will result in consistent and trustful data analytics. So, what is the big data definition? And how to manage it effectively? This following page will provide you with all things related to the importance of big data for your business. 

Why Big Data Now?

What is big data used for? There will be almost limitless options related to the use of big data for business growth. It provides valuable assistance to corporations to collect their data. The collected data then is used to help them identify new opportunities to grow businesses. But, what does big data mean actually? Why does it matter for your business? It can be sum up that big data is a large collection of datasets that requires new technologies to process. Big data is a complex subject that needs various techniques, frameworks, and tools in processing the entire data collected. 

Big Data Benefits

Big data business analytics offers many benefits for business owners. 

The technologies used in big data will make it possible for you to create a faster and better decision making related to your business strategies. This is possible to happen since big data analytics also comes with the ability to analyze new data sources. In this way, business owners will be able to analyze the data collected immediately and decide things based on what they have learned.

Data analytics business intelligence will also allow you to reduce business costs when it comes to storing large amounts of data collection. Not only that but big data analytics can also help you identify more effective strategies to run your business.

With a big data volume velocity variety, it will be easier for business owners to measure customer needs and satisfaction. In this way, they can have a better idea to give what the customers really want from their products and services. With the valid data collected, corporations can also create new products to meet customers’ satisfaction.

Understanding Hadoop

Hadoop is an important part of big data management. Speaking about how to use big data in more effective ways is not complete without discussing the role of Hadoop in data processing. It is an open-source software framework that will enable you to both store and run applications on commodity hardware clusters. Hadoop gives you a large amount of data storage with huge processing power as well as the ability to deal with limitless concurrent jobs virtually. Hadoop big data analytics offers various benefits for faster business growth.

The software will provide you with bigger computing power to allow you to store and process data fast.

Unlike a conventional database system, you don’t need to preprocess data. As a result, you can save as much data as you need and decide how to use the data later.

With Hadoop, you can also grow your system easily. In this way, you can handle more data storage by adding nodes.

Key Factors in Big Data Management

So, how to manage big data effectively? Here are the critical things you need to know.

  1. Outline Your Purposes

You need to define your goals clearly before handling big data. By finding your purposes, you can find out what data you need to gather and which one is not. If you fail to find your goals, the large amounts of data gathered will not be aligned with what is needed by your business to grow.

When managing big data, you need to make sure that important data is well protected. You can secure the collected data by using a wide range of methods including malware scanning, spam filtering, malware elimination, and firewall security measures. This is also important for you to spend time to employ gauge to guarantee the security of the gathered data.

When dealing with big data management and analytics, make sure to not ignore audit regulations. You should keep the right database components when there is an audit. All the information related to business includes credit scores, payment data, and data of lesser importance that should be managed accordingly. Maintaining the right database components is critical to earning trust from your customers.

To manage big data effectively, you are suggested to use the same software. This is because corporate databases are bound and designed to be accessed easily by some channels. In other words, all data collected should be linked and able to talk to each other. There will be many problems that occur if communication hassles emerge between data and applications. To solve issues related to data interlinking, you can use the Cloud Storage system. As an alternative, you can use a remote database administrator among other tools in the data storage system. 

When working with big data, you also need to adapt to new changes that might happen in the future. This is because data and software change constantly and keeping with the latest trends will help you survive and succeed. 

It is also critical for you to identify which data will fit a particular solution the most. This will make it possible for you to be aware of which data should be collected for different purposes and situations. You need to keep in mind that corporations should know which data need to be gathered and when to do it. Thus, a plan should be well formulated and objectives must be known clearly to allow you to accomplish the goal. So, when you want to find an effective way to manage big data, make sure to know which data you need to capture.

As the business world is getting competitive, big data customer analytics becomes more important today. They can provide all corporate executives with solid data and information. In this way, they can base their business decision on valid research. No wonder that data analytics for business now is an important tool to allow you to learn about your market and succeed in the competition. Find out everything you need to know about this powerful tool for business on the following page.

Understanding Big Data and Customer Analytics

So, what is big data actually? Well, it can be said that big data is the collection of a large dataset that can’t be processed by using conventional computing techniques. In other words, big data is not a single tool or technique. Otherwise, it is a complete subject that involves a wide range of tools, frameworks, and techniques. Many corporations now, both in a large and small scale use big data to provide them with valid information related to their business operations. Due to the importance of large data collection, more people are interested in finding sources on how to learn big data for their business. Meanwhile,customer analytics is a specific process that will make it possible for you to use data retrieved from the behavior of your customers. The data collected then will be used to create well-informed and smart business decisions. By using customer analytics, you can also identify market segmentation and create predictive analytics to support marketing operations of your business. Not only that but this will also allow you to manage a good relationship with your customers.

Big Data Technologies

Big data business intelligence and technologies play a critical role to provide business owners with more accurate analysis. This will allow them to have more concrete decision-making that affects the entire operation of the business. It includes lower risks, cost reductions, and greater operational efficiencies. But, how big is big data actually? Well, it is quite big that data collected can influence business decision-making. To maximize the power of big data, you even need an infrastructure that can help you manage as well as process large volumes of both structured and unstructured real-time data. In this way, you can also secure your data privacy in a much better way. 

Big Data Analytics

Big data business intelligence and data analytics include various systems such as MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) database systems as well as MapReduce. They will provide you with powerful analytical capabilities for a complex and retrospective analysis. 

Big Data and Hadoop

Speaking about big data, Hadoop always becomes an interesting topic to be included in the discussion. What is big data Hadoop? Well, it is an open-source software framework that can be applied to store and process big data. The process is done in a distributed manner on commodity hardware with large clusters. The software development is particularly based on the paper provided by Google on the MapReduce system. Being written in the Java programming language, what is big data and Hadoop do for customer analytics mainly based on the functional programming concepts. Many corporate executives out there see Hadoop as an ideal solution to deal with issues that might occur in a big data system.

Impacts of Big Data Consumer Analytics for Your Business

Big data customer analytics affects your business in many ways. Here are the 5 best ways the big data consumer analytics will influence your business results.

  1. Review Analysis

Big data consumer analytics will provide you with a review analysis that is very useful for your business. The review analysis is critical since it can give you almost limitless information related to customer satisfaction and experience. To make things easier, you can use automated software that can help you go through all the reviews and then analyze them. Thus, you will get a snapshot of the entire picture of what your customers feel about your products or services. 

With data science and big data analytics, you can also predict what is needed by your customers from your products and services, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) applied. You can use these predictive tools on your website to know what certain consumers might want in the future. Thus, when the customers shop online through your company website, you can analyze their shopping habits, online behavior, favorite products to buy, and more. 

The promising future of data analytics in business operations is inevitable. Applying the big data consumer analytics will make it possible for you to get real-time feedback for the products sold to your customers. By using the feature, you can find it easier to adapt your products or services to meet your customers’ satisfaction in real-time. This is because the tool will help you to observe how your customers use your products and services. The software will also enable you to shape your product around the preferences of each customer while they are using it.

The competitor analysis is a perfect tool you can use to see what your competitors are doing right now. The software will make it possible for you to keep your eyes open and figure out strategies used by your competitors to attract new customers. In this way, you can analyze your own strategies and compare them to your competitors, both their strengths and weaknesses. With all the data you have collected, you can create a more strategic decision to boost your product sales and marketing.

This is one of the most popular methods to analyze customer experience. Not only that but NPS can also be used to measure the satisfaction level of your customers. In this way, you can find out whether the consumers are happy with your products and services or not. Due to all the benefits, you can get from this Net Promoter Score, you can be sure that it is one of the best ways that big data customer analytics can improve your business.

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