How to Learn and Deepen Linux for Beginners

How to Learn and Deepen Linux for Beginners – Learning Linux is not just for typing documents or making graphic designs. For this reason, to make the learning process easier, there are several basic skills that you must have when learning a Windows-based computer, such as knowing a little TCP / IP.

Get to know Linux and the Terms Used

To start a learning process, it would be better if we know the ins and outs of Linux first. This initial step can be started by getting to know the characteristics of Linux to recognize the terms that are often used on Linux. With a basic understanding like this, you won’t be confused anymore when finding unfamiliar terms that you haven’t heard or read on Linux.

How to Deepen Linux for Beginners?

Choosing the Best Distro for Learning Linux

Linux is an opensource project. This makes Linux has a lot of distributions that result from developing Linux. This distribution was created by the needs of each community. Therefore, we must find the right Linux distribution to start learning Linux. One of the best distributions for learning Linux is Ubuntu and its derivatives.

Learn to Install Linux

Linux can be installed and tried in several ways. For that, choose one way to install Linux that suits your needs and circumstances. First, you must know how to install Linux. You can use Virtual Machine (vmware or virtualbox) as a learning medium.

Practice and Memorization of Basic Linux Commands (Essential Linux Commands)

If you want to quickly master Linux, then you have to memorize the basic Linux commands that are used to do basic configuration of Linux. If you memorize this one command, then whatever distro you can conquer easily, and certainly you will not be confused.

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