How to make Linux Webinar Symbolic Link

  • Malik Al
  • Aug 19, 2023

How to make Linux Webinar Symbolic Link – To increase the potential and ability to use Linux terminals, you need to learn about Linux symbolic commands. In this tutorial, we will discuss Linux symbolic links quickly and easily. Before starting this tutorial, let’s review what is a symbolic link.

Make Linux Symbolic Link for Files

Generally, the ln command and the -s option are needed to create a Symbolic Link Webinar Linux. This method is the easiest and most flexible way for you to experiment with as many programming languages ​​as possible.

Make Linux Symbolic Link for Folder

Making symbolic links for folders is also not difficult. The following command is used:

  • ln -s [Specific file / directory] [symlink name]

For example, to link the directory / user / local / downloads / logo to the folder / devisers, use the following command:

  • ln -s / user / local / downloads / logo / devisers

Once created and attached to folders/devisers, the symbolic link will be directed to / user / local / downloads/logo. When the user changes the directory – cd – to / devisers, the system will automatically switch to a specific file and write it in the command directory.

How to Change or Remove Symbolic Links on Linux

You can delete an existing link and pin it to a file or directory with the unlink or rm command. Next use the rm command to delete a link:

  • unlink [symlink to remove]

Removing symbolic links with the rm command does not differ much using the unlink command.


Linux Webinar Link is the best platform for creating dynamic and interactive applications. With this platform, you are free to experiment and innovate. Having a strong foundation is very important. Therefore, you should learn the basics of a programming language to maximize its potential.

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